Team Eternally Greatful

2020 "Out and About Challenge"

Shelton Trails Committee

Level I: Sightseeing Turtle 

1: Riverview Park: Derby-Shelton Dam overlook

2: Shelton Canal & Locks

3: Indian Well: The Falls

4: Veteran’s Park: War Memorial Monuments

5: Rec Path: Silent Waters Overlook

6: Rec Path: Hope Lake bench at Paugussett Junction

7: Eklund Garden

8: Southbank Park: Pavilion overlooking Housatonic River

9: Gristmill Trail: Mill dam near trailhead

10: Bushinsky Arboretum: Bench overlooking Pond

Level 2: Traveling Horse 

1: Boehm Pond: Junction Yellow & White Trails

2: Paugussett Trail: Maybeck Stone Wall

3: Nicholdale Farm: Youth Camp Fire Pit

4: Birchbank Trail: Chimney near Paugussett junction

5: Nells Rock Trail: Four Corners sign 

6: Oak Valley Trail: Numbered post at old SE access trail from Rt 108

7: Gator Glide: Nells Rock Trail, smooth ledge face under trail

8: Basil Brook Falls near Wesley Drive/Rec Path

9: Far Mill Falls - Land Trust trail off Commerce Drive

10: Pine Tree Pond, off Beech Tree Hill Road

Level 3: Wandering Goat
Willis Trail: Ledges on red trail
Stockmal Trail: Trail end marker
Birchbank Overlook
Indian Well Overlook
Top of Tahmore
Burritts Rocks - Border Brook: Border of Indian Well/Birchbank
Burritts Rocks - The Cave Boulders, Birchbank Mtn
Paugussett north of Princess Wenonah Drive: Poet Path slates
Paugussett at the Overlooks: The ruins (between Sinsabaugh and Rt 110)
Paugussett: Nells Rock Trail overlook rock formation

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